Price List for Alterations from:


Coat hem 35
Jacket sleeves, plain 25
Jacket sleeves shortened/lengthened with buttonholes 35
Jacket sleeves, from shoulder 60
Take in, let out 30
Narrow shoulders 40
Replace lining 75
Long coats replace lining from 80

Shorten dresses from 20
Take up shoulders 20
Taper sides/ back seam 25
Shorten evening dress from 35
Taper corseted dresses 35
Take up straps/shoulders from 20


Shorten, lengthen hem plain 10
Shorten, lengthen trousers with tape 15, Hem turn-up 15
Take in, let out 20
New zip 25
Taper legs 20
Drop waistline 25
taper waist jeans 25
jeans shortening with original hem 20


Shorten, lengthen hem from 20
Shorten hem pleated from 35
Let out, take in from 20
Replace lining 40
New zip 25


Shorten sleeves with cuffs 25
Shorten, lengthen plain sleeves 15
Shorten sleeves from armhole 25
Take in sides from 15
Narrow shoulders 15
Shorten hem 12
Re-stitch buttons 2


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*A design and made to measure service is available, see Services link for prices
*For restyling and major alterations please ask for an estimate
*Express service within the same day available
*Payment by card, paypal, cash or cheque with card

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